Community Wealth Building Series: Capital Democratization for Local Stakeholders and Small Businesses

Community Wealth Building Series

Part 1 – Tips for Small Businesses to Attract Local Investment

Part 2 – Guide to Starting a Local Investment Club

Part 3 – Overview: Community Investment Funds (CIF)

Part 4 – Real Estate Revitalization Fund (CIF)

Part 5 – Diversified Opportunity Fund (CIF)

Part 6 – Program Related Investments (PRI)

Action Plan Building Series: A Road Map for Your Vision To Achieve Your Business Goals

Action Plan Building Series

Part 1 – SMART Goal Planning

Part 2 – Converting SMART Goals to Action Items

Part 3 – Accountability Measures through Assignments and Deadlines

Part 4 – Tracking Results through Milestones and KPIs

Part 5 – Going Beyond Planning to Execution – Action Changes Things (ACT)

Part 6 – Getting Your Team Onboard

Part 7 – Refine Your Action Plan – Monitor, Evaluate and Update the Plan